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Kava Tangsicle

Thought I would post this simple to do way of doctoring up my root. I already love making root up using the blender CTAHR method with V8 Splash orange pineapple flavor instead of water to get a tasty jug of grog. I had some new root to try this week and wanted to make it up traditional preparation in water for the taste test portion of a new root experience. Since I was still wanting to doctor up the remaining after taste test root for flavor, I grabbed some powdered Tang and threw a shell(8oz) and two tablespoons of Tang in the blender per the directions on the Tang container. I hit the blender for a two minutes and out came this frothy creamsicle like tasting kava. Yummy. I know Tang isn't a healthy drink but thought I would share this anyway for those looking for a way to doctor up their kava. In the future I want to try adding some type of cream and freeze it to make a creamsicle ice cream kava treat. (Credit to Squanch)

Kava Mixology

So I had about a tbs of the loa waka left and decided to go all Fijian mixing it with some (2tbs) of that Squanch Juice. This was not a mistake. Prepared in the blender and filtered through double layer of nylons.
This mix will slap your face and really wake you up. At least in our case it did. (Credit to Capitan Bastos)

Pineapple/coconut water

-Pineapple flavored coconut water (ice cold)
Step one make kava into 4oz of warm water (1 tablespoon) adjust as needed
Step two add 12 oz of cold pineapple flavored coconut water to the 4 oz of kava...
Drink and enjoy in 4oz increments :)

Adjust for potency but keep 2:1 ratio coconut water to kava water (Credit to Mrbinx69)

Banana Blend

4cups water
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 ripe banana
1/4 cup powdered milk
2 Tbl. olive oil
Kava root powder 1/2 cup,

Blend 5 minutes, let stand for 1 hour. Place a strainer bag inside of a bowl and pour the bottle/blender into it. Strain the liquid into the bowl.
Get Krunked!!! (Credit to

Kava Kujo

I wanted to get in on this recipe craze. Here's a low-carb recipe that has some "bite" to it.

4 tablespoons of Kava
16 oz. water
1 large jalapeno chile pepper
1 teaspoon Tabasco sauce

Use microwave to bring water to almost boiling.
Place water, kava, and chopped jalapeno pepper in blender.
Blend for 5 minutes (high speed)
Let stew for between 30 to 60 min. (until water can be touched without scalding)
Blend for 5 more minutes (high speed)
Pour into strainer and strain contents into a cup or bowl
Take strainer and place in a clean bowl with a little fresh water and thoroughly massage strainer to clean strainer
Pour contents of this bowl into first bowl.
Place in fridge overnight to cool
The next day blend or stir and drink. Top with Tabasco sauce to suit.

After drinking this, if it doesn't have a "bite" to it and immediately "attack" you, then you prepared it incorrectly. :)
Prepare for the need to have some "hair of the dog" later.
BULA!!! (Credit to Headhodge)